Yes, it’s me again, and I think we need to talk.

I’ve been thinking a lot about us recently, and I feel as though it’s time to take our relationship to the next level. I just think that we need to be more open about things… More, public.

And by that, I mean that we cannot continue the way we were. We can no longer be just an internal monologue inside my head. I need to get this all out, and share some things about us with others.

You see, my dear diary, I have recently noticed that I have been trying to talk about my diet a lot more with close friends. Fitting my small achievements into everyday conversation, being a bit ‘me me me’ all time time. And I am beginning to worry that I am boring them with it all.

I started running a constant monologue in my head to ease this feeling, but when you’re sat at work trying to process your fifth claim form of the day, it can become quite distracting.

So I figured it was time to open up my thoughts about losing weight to the wider world, the way I am going about it, and the somewhat peculiar musings I occasionally have. This is why, my dear diary, we find ourselves here. On the internet for all to see.

Is that okay? Yes? Brilliant.


Rhi x