I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet?

Only joking, I won’t spontaneously burst into song. But let’s face it, ever since Adele brought out Hello it’s almost obligatory to start singing. Either her, or Lionel Richie – whatever floats your boat…


I thought I’d better introduce myself, seen as this is my new blog and all. My real name is Rhian, pronounced Ree-anne before anyone gets confused, and I will most likely be signing off my posts as Rhi. Mainly because it’s a bit easier, but also as it’s a bit more personal. And after all, this is going to be a very personal blog.

So why am I here? Let me explain just in case you didn’t get the jist of things from my first post. Dieting, Broke and Craving Goddamn Pizza is going to be my journal (for want of a better word) of my weight loss journey. You see, my new years resolution is to finally lose weight.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m one of those ‘new year, new me’ dicks. Well, in a way yes I am. I’ve seen the start of 2017 as the start of the new me. But I’m making permanent changes rather than losing a few pounds here and there to look uh-may-zing in a bikini this summer. Ha, a bikini?! I should be so lucky!

For years I have struggled with my weight, and my diet. Fortunately I’ve never felt it’s hindered me in any way. I’ve had romantic relationships, had a great social life, and had amazing experiences that more “normal” people would have…

But a penny dropped for me back in November 2016 when I was in hospital having my appendix out – the less said about my appendix the better. My mother had gone to Sainsbury’s whilst I was having my op to buy me a pair of PJs to change into afterwards – partly to cheer me up, and partly because we realised I actually didn’t own a matching set of PJs that were socially acceptable shall we say. She bought me two pairs; one I’d seen online that I loved instantly, and another pair with penguins on. But she bought each set in a different size – the penguin pair were a size 24, and the Eeyore ones I’d picked out in a 22. Now of course my tummy was super swollen from being pumped full of gas to take my appendix out, but all I could think was the penguin pair were by far the most comfortable; they didn’t dig in, the top didn’t ride up from stretching over my hips, and I felt I could relax in them. This feeling lasted a few weeks after my discharge, and it unsettled me.

At 22 years of age, I should not be in a size 24 anything.
That is not a healthy way to live.
End of story.

So after the festive period was over and done with, I told myself that was it – it was time I started taking care of my body that had served me so well for years. And that’s what I’ve been doing since January 2nd.

But why the blog?

Well, now that this ‘diet’ has become my lifestyle, I feel like it’s all I can talk about sometimes. And you know when you get that little gremlin in the back of your head telling you you’re being annoying? Well I had that everytime I spoke to my friends.

So here I am, annoying the whole internet instead. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey as much as I am enjoying living it.

Until next time…
Rhi xxx