So two months in, and two stone down, I’ve finally reached a plateau. This week there has been no progress, no loss, no change in body fat percentage/weight/anything. 

And it’s really fucking hard.

You get up at 6.30am every morning during the week for work. Three mornings a week you go for a 1KM swim, maybe more if you’re feeling up to it. And the other two days you walk the nearly two miles to work. Then at the weekend you walk for miles and miles until your legs turn to jelly on Saturday to justify a rest day on Sunday. You do anything you can to burn extra calories. One day you even reach a step count of 15,000.

But weightloss isn’t just about exercise, you have to think about what fuel you’re putting in your body. You control your portions, meticulously weigh out portions of rice/pasta/chicken, say no to cooking for anyone but yourself because you don’t want the hassle of re-weighing everything once it’s cooked and confusing yourself. You drink your protein shakes, eat chicken until it comes out of your ears. 

Yet still, no progress.
It doesn’t help when you’re having an absolute shocker of a week as it is with one thing or another. Seriously if my mood swings this week were an actual physical swing at a park somewhere, people would have the best time of their lives on it. 

It just gets to a point where you start thinking what is the fucking point in it all. You sit at your desk looking at your breakfast of a Babybel and a protein shake and you seriously debate partaking in your office’s weekly Friday morning bacon butties, simply because why the fuck not?! You’re not going to ruin how well you’ve done because you’ve accomplished nothing this week. 

This morning, I finished length number 28 and just sat in the shallow end of the pool. It felt like I was there, just vacantly staring, forever. I know looking at my sets on Swimtag that it was only a minute or so. But I was there, body emmersed in the water, just my head poking out, thinking “why am I doing this”.

You push through it, just because you know if you don’t and call it a day at 700m that you’re just going to be disappointed in yourself. You get to work, sit at your desk, plough through your tasks and drink your damn protein shake because you know you need to do this.

Not for anyone else, but for you and you alone. 

So fuck you plateau. You won’t be stopping me. I’ve lost two stone in two months and I only have five more stone to lose until I reach my goal. 

I can do this