I’m not sure about you other dieters out there, but generally when my weightloss comes up in conversation I get asked:
“Oh my god that’s amazing! How on earth do you do it?!”

So I thought I’d dedicate my next post to telling you all of my secrets! 


I’ve always had a bit of an odd relationship with food.

I’ve never eaten fruit or vegetables, not because my mother didn’t try her best to get me to eat them, but because I’m a stubborn bitch who as a child sat there for a couple of hours refusing to eat my Christmas dinner because of the vegetables on my plate. This has been an ongoing joke with friends and family alike constantly, and when I went to uni the amount of people who tried to get me to eat veg and failed is mad. In a way, I never understood why I wasn’t any fatter or heavier than I was when I started my journey; my body was mainly fuelled by high-carb fatty foods with little to no nutrients in there. 

But since starting my journey, the healthiest thing I’ve eaten is an apple. I still eat pasta, I still eat pizza, I just watch what I eat now. I’ve swapped white carbohydrates such as rice and pasta for wholewheat options. If I fancy a pizza, I’ll use an omelette as my base rather than dough. 

As well as this, I follow a method that has worked wonders for me before. It’s a popular choice amongst dieters, and it’s a little thing called the 5:2 diet. Basically under this ‘diet’ you can eat whatever you want, so long as you allot 5 days to eating your normal calorie intake (around 2000 for women, 2500 for men) and for 2 days a week you restrict yourself to 500 calories (600 for you fellas out there). It sounds scary, but honestly it’s so easy to do if you plan your meals properly.

It means you can lose weight and still eat pizza! 

(In moderation of course)!

You can set any two days of the week as your 500 days; have them consecutively, mix it up and have it as different days every week – whatever works for you really. I’ve found that setting Tuesday and Thursday as my ‘500 Days’ is the easiest way for me to do this. Mainly as these are the days that the pool isn’t open early for me to do a swim in the morning, and then I don’t have the temptation of “but it’s the weekend”. It also breaks up the week quite nicely!

As well as sticking to these calories restrictions, I did some googling and using my app set my macros to something that would work for me and my goals. This means my daily intake of food has to roughly be 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fat. 

But sitting down before every meal and examining labels can become tiresome, and the maths starts to hurt your head. How much protein is in this again? Does that take me over my fat allowance for the day? Becomes your inner monologue. 

This is where apps such as MyFitnessPal come in handy. MyFitnessPal is the first app I downloaded, and honestly I wouldn’t use anything else now. It has a large database of food, but you can also scan in your food labels and get the nutritional info straight from the barcode. Not only that but you can use the app itself to track and monitor your weight! If you set your macros up properly, it even comes up with little messages like “this food is high in protein” or “this food sends you over your fat limit”. So it’s really handy when you’re shopping for your lunch in Sainsbury’s at 1.30pm and you scan the barcode of that chocolate bar you know you shouldn’t really have and it tells you off! 


I have always been ‘that’ person who claims to be “allergic to exercise” when in reality I was just lazy, and didn’t like the feeling of exhaustion that came from any exercise I did. And I do understand I was always so exhausted because of how overweight I was. 

Having moved closer to where I work last April, I started walking the 3 miles total to and from work each day. This is something I’ve continued to do, with the exception of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings as these are my ‘swim’ mornings so I have to get a train at 6.30am. Yawn.

I also try and swim 4-5 times a week, averaging at 1000m a swim, so around 5KM a week! This was a new challenge, as I couldn’t even remember the last time I was in the pool! On my first swim, I swam around 14 lengths in 25 minutes. I was SO proud of myself for this, mainly because I didn’t think I’d manage 10 without being exhausted. My legs were jelly for the rest of the day, but that just worked as a reminder for how hard I’d worked. Then in my next swim, I built that up to 20 lengths, then to 36, and kept on pushing myself and pushing myself to get to my currently average of 40 lengths in 45 minutes. 

Without my walking, swimming, and the occasional at home workout I complete some evenings, I don’t think I’d be seeing results as quickly as I am. I’ve accepted the ‘Eat Less Move More’ mantra, and everytime I hit the wall I just push through it thinking of the satisfaction I’ll get of walking into a clothes shop and being able to pick out anything I want instead of thinking “god I hope they have a decent plus size selection”! 
So there we have it…

That’s exactly how I do it. Exactly how after almost 3 months into my new lifestyle I’m almost 2 and a half stone down from my start weight, and the healthiest thing I’ve eaten since I started is a bloody apple. I feel happier, healthier, and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my skin looks after drinking nearly 2 litres of water a day! 

Thanks for reading this lengthy post, have a fab weekend.
With love,

Rhi xx