Hello readers!

I’m so sorry that things have been a little quiet on here lately, life just gets in the way sometimes!
Following on from my last post in which I was essentially having a meltdown about relapsing whilst on holiday, you’ll be pleased to read that I actually lost weight and I was panicking over nothing – typical! I’ll admit I did restrict myself a lot more than I should’ve done, but in doing so and averaging out at about 13k steps a day I actually lost around 4lbs. I should go on holiday more often….

So where am I up to on my journey?

I’m currently sitting pretty at 3 and a half stone down! Yep you read right, 3 and a half stone! (Or if you use lbs instead it’s 49lbs down)! I really didn’t think I’d get this far so soon! 

But alas, I have hit a bump in the road. I’m stuck in my third plateau at the moment, and I’ve been here for about a week or two now. It’s driving me crazy.

At this point I feel like I’ve tried everything to push through it, but still nothing is working. I’ve altered my diet to shake my body up a bit, I’ve altered my exercise regime by joining the gym as well as swimming (that’s a whole other story), and yet still nothing. The scales don’t move, my body fat percentage doesn’t move, and my measurements don’t move

So what do I do to keep myself motivated? Take pictures of where I am at the moment and compare them to where I was when I started. Look at how much my body has changed, yes the loose skin sucks but I expected that. Look how my thighs are visibly smaller, look at how much my tummy has changed, and just keep these banked in my phone for a rainy day! Or at least a day when I’m craving macaroni cheese! 

But if previous experience has taught me anything, it’s that I shouldn’t panic or get disheartened by a plateau. All I can do is keep at it, maintain my exercises or push the boundaries that I usually have, and I’ll get there in the end. I’m aiming to be another stone down by July – so fingers crossed I get there!

Short and sweet one today, but I promise from here on out I’ll be more present. 💖