Dieting, Broke, and Craving a Goddamn Pizza

Don’t Panic

Hello readers! I'm so sorry that things have been a little quiet on here lately, life just gets in the way sometimes! Following on from my last post in which I was essentially having a meltdown about relapsing whilst on... Continue Reading →


Just Four Little Pounds

That's all I've got to lose before I hit 3 stone down since January. Four sodding little pounds. Do you know how frustrating that is when you lost 7 in the first week of your diet?!  Now I face an... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Your Secrets!

I'm not sure about you other dieters out there, but generally when my weightloss comes up in conversation I get asked: "Oh my god that's amazing! How on earth do you do it?!" So I thought I'd dedicate my next... Continue Reading →

Oh, Plataeu 

So two months in, and two stone down, I've finally reached a plateau. This week there has been no progress, no loss, no change in body fat percentage/weight/anything.  And it's really fucking hard. You get up at 6.30am every morning... Continue Reading →

Hello, it’s me.

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet? Only joking, I won't spontaneously burst into song. But let's face it, ever since Adele brought out Hello it's almost obligatory to start singing. Either her, or Lionel... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary…

Yes, it's me again, and I think we need to talk. I've been thinking a lot about us recently, and I feel as though it's time to take our relationship to the next level. I just think that we need... Continue Reading →

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